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Misty Eyed gum leaf wallpaper peel and stick Luxe Walls Love From Shop

To tell the story of how my collaboration with Luxe Walls came to be, I have to tell the story of our home renovation.

In 2018 my husband and I discovered our weatherboard cottage had termites. In a desperate attempt to turn a devastating negative into a feel-good positive, I enrolled in the amazing Three Birds Reno School and started planning a major home renovation. As part of the course, Three Birds recommend suppliers, who in turn, offer incredible discounts to students. Luxe Walls was one of these suppliers.

Love From Shop Charlotte Brandis and Luxe Walls collaboration

Thus, my first experience with Luxe Walls was as a customer! I created 4 unique designs, and had samples printed. It was invaluable to be able to hang the samples in the rooms they were intended for, so I could see how they looked in the light alongside the flooring. I fell in love. It would be a long while however before I would get to the interior design stage and be able to hang any of these. I needed finished walls to wallpaper, and it took 2 years of renovating to get there.

Misty Eyed gum leaf sample peel and stick wallpaper Luxe Walls 

Meantime, Luxe Walls ran an Artist Collab Competition, which led to some of my Australian floral and botanical designs being available for sale online. I have enjoyed seeing my wallpaper appear in others renovation and interior design projects, while impatiently waiting to be able to hang my own. Now, finally, I have my first room complete and my master bedroom has Luxe Linen Misty-Eyed wallpaper adorning its walls. This bedroom, and my collaboration with Luxe Walls, is a real pinch me moment.

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Misty Eyed gum leaf eucalyptus wallpaper Luxe Walls Love From Shop colaboration

Wallpaper: Misty Eyed Wallpaper, LuxeWalls @luxewalls
Bed: Mid-Century, West Elm @westelmaus
Bedside tables: Mitzi, West Elm @westelmaus
Lamps: Loom Table Lamp, Milk and Sugar @milksugarmelb
Bed spread: Mercer and Reid @adairs
Cushions: Ikea and Kmart @ikea_australia @kmartaus
Throw: Kmart @kmartaus
Windows: Trend @trendwindowsau
Curtains: Kresta @krestablinds
Built-ins: Academic Wardrobes
Built-in door knobs: Lo&Co @loandcointeriors
Flooring: Viaduct Imports @viaductimports
Builder: Home Mend Australia @hmaptyltd
Colours: Dulux walls ‘Vivid White’ and door ‘Coral Blossom’ @duluxaus

Interior Design, Styling and Photography @lovefromshop