About Charlotte, Australian Artist and Designer


Charlotte Michelle Brandis Australian artist and designer

Charlotte Michelle Brandis is an artist and designer based in Sydney, Australia. 

I grew up in Sydney, our family home had a back gate that opened up to a nature reserve. I spent most of my childhood exploring the bushland, climbing rocks & swimming in the lake. It was a wonderful way to grow up & it instilled in me a deep appreciation and respect of the Australian landscape & native wildlife.

Love From Shop (est. 2018) was born from this passion for all things uniquely Australian.


Doing my bit

All of the garments I source are certified to be socially and environmentally responsible: whether that is from the Child Labour Free or W.R.A.P Certification Board.

All of the greeting cards & wrapping papers are printed with environmentally friendly inks & toner on 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

I always use Australian owned & operated businesses when possible.

I use minimal packaging for all my products & I reuse, recycle & compost.