About Charlotte, Australian Artist and Designer


    Born and raised in Sydney, Australia in the 80’s, I would get home from school and watch the Afternoon Show with James Valentine and Michael Tunn. Soon enough, my Mum would insist that I go outside to play with the neighbourhood kids. I was fortunate enough to live next to a nature reserve and so afternoons and weekends were spent exploring the nearby bushland, rock climbing and lake swimming.

    The Australian bush is the sentimental backdrop to some of my fondest childhood memories. Playing epic games of hide and seek in the nature reserve, I regularly came face to face with wildlife; long necked turtles, blue tongue lizards, goannas, red bellied black snakes, kookaburras, cockatoos and many a magpie. These quiet, unexpected moments, coming face to face with such beautiful animals was exhilarating and unforgettable. I felt a deep connection and care for these fellow hiders and seekers. I always respected their home and would leave them as I found them, especially quickly when it came to the snakes! This nostalgia has become the inspiration for my product range and online store, Love From Shop, where I design quality Australian themed giftware that embraces our picturesque natural landscape and wildlife.

    I now live next to the exquisite Lane Cove National Park in Sydney, Australia with my husband and daughters. I have a daily practice of creativity. It keeps me connected and focused on the everyday beauty around me. I often start with a photograph, or a series of photographs as reference. Sometimes I even collect leaves or feathers off the ground and scan them. Then I use a variety of techniques, tracing on a lightbox, sketching, collage, or painting, sometimes on paper and sometimes on my computer. A selection of these artworks find their way into my online store and market stall.

    Doing my bit

    I prioritise people and the planet.

    All of the garments I source are certified to be socially and environmentally responsible: whether that is from the Child Labour Free or W.R.A.P Certification Board.

    All of the greeting cards & wrapping papers are printed with environmentally friendly inks & toner on 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

    I always use Australian owned and operated businesses when possible.

    I use minimal packaging for all my products and I reuse, recycle, compost, have solar power and drive an electric vehicle.